Shop Supplies Disclaimer

Shop Supplies

A variety of shop supplies are consumed in the servicing of your vehicle. These types of products do not lend themselves to precise itemization. We have determined the most equitable way to spread the cost of these shop supplies over the many vehicles we service is to add a small percentage to the total cost of each service invoice. As of 10/1/2022 the list of items that could be included in the Shop supplies is:

Seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor protectant, wheel covers, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, lubricants, brake kleen, brake cleaner & degreaser, rust penetrant, carburetor cleaner, plastic cleaner, JD-404 conditioner, brake washer fluid, shock clips, bleeder screws, drain plug gaskets, cotter pins, PVC grommets, hose tees, hose connectors, wire, wire ties, washers, screws, nuts, bolts, carburetor link clips, headlamp screws, wheel bearing grease, parts return bags, moly lube, air conditioning o-rings, A/C regrigerant oil, A/C.