How To Use Jeep’s Tire Inflation Kit

Adding Air to Tires using Jeep’s Tire Inflation Kit:
Step-by-Step Guide
1) Find the Tire inflator kit in the rear of the vehicle
2) Uncoil the power coil
3) Locate the power outlet in your vehicle which can be located in the front or the back of the vehicle.
4) Attach your hose to the tire
5) Check your selector knob to make sure you have the appropriate selection for inflation or sealant.
6) Power on the vehicle
7) Turn on the tire inflator kit power switch
8) Let the tire inflator kit run for 5 – 7 minutes
9) Monitor air pressure to make sure you do not over inflate (check your owners manual for the specific PSI)
10) When you reach the manufacturer’s recommended PSI turn off the tire inflator kit and pack it back into the vehicle.
11) Drive your vehicle for 5- 7 miles or approximately 10 minutes to make sure the sealant fully coats the inside of the tire.
12) Once you have completed the above check your tire pressure to make sure it is at the appropriate PSI level recommended by the manufacturer.

About the Jeep Inflator Kit:

Jeep’s tire inflator kit is a compact and portable solution for inflating a flat tire or a tire with low air pressure. It is typically included as standard equipment with Jeep vehicles and is designed to provide drivers with a quick and easy way to inflate and repair a flat tire, without the need for a spare tire.